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Crown Shaped Pearl Hair Clip


Pearl clips are always the best! Make any outfit or outing dreamy with these pearl clips. Comes in super cute shape and gives a good grip!

Design : Crown

Colour: Offwhite

Material: Metal

Size: On Image

Includes: 1 hairl clip

100.00 60% Off

Snow And Mermaid Theme Hair Clip Set


Set of 5 beautiful snow and sea theme hair clip set. Soft, light weight and easy on hair. Good quality snap clips and grips at the back. A dreamy colour with glitter, this mermaid set makes for a perfect dress up everytime!

Unicorn And Bow Hair Clip Set


Unicorn hair clip set with a cloth covered grip at the back. Easy to use, light weight and beautiful details to give any outfit a party look! Limited stock.

Unicorn Glitter Hairclips


Cutest hair accessories pack! Shimmer and glitter with unicorn-What’s not to love? With cloth covered grip on the back easy on hair be it a baby, toddler or any other age!

Includes: 1 pack of 5 hairclips.

Clasp: Grip

450.00 44% Off
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